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Fitbit One Activity Tracker Review
Best Clip-On Tracker Overall

One Truly Pocket-sized Exercise Tracker

I work in an office where I have to dress up for work every single day. Any time that I’m sitting behind a desk, I’m rocking some major heels and probably a pencil skirt. Professionalism sometimes hurts my feet, but I don’t really mind it much. It does present problems when I try to stick to an exercise regimen because it means I always have to have clothes with me for when I go to the gym during the work week. There isn’t much of a chance that I’m going to be in anything workout appropriate on a weekday.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker

Fitbit One
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The office setting doesn’t allow for a lot of bulky, unprofessional fitness trackers to be worn with any regularity. I have had some in the past that have just looked funny when I tried to dress up for work. On my wrist, they definitely look out of place, but many “hidden” ones have been too bulky to hook to undergarments or my waist band.

One Pocket. One Wrist. One Waist.

The Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, on the other hand, is really small and pretty versatile. It comes with a couple of different ways to wear it by moving it in and out of a silicon clip. It can either go in a pocket, in a shirt pocket, on the clip at the waist or on the wrist band, and it should be able to track the same information.

The best part is that it’s small no matter where you wear it, so it won’t get in the way. I still don’t think it’s work appropriate enough to wear on my wrist with a dressy outfit, but I could have it in my pocket and leave it there or use the waist clip if I’m without pockets. That’s good enough to keep hidden.

Tracking With One

The Fitbit FlowerIt does most of the things that fitness trackers are supposed to have as far as being a pedometer and distance tracker. It has an altimeter for going upstairs, so you also get credit for the little changes like that that you make throughout the day. The step counting seems to be pretty accurate, and when you set goals through the app, it will tell you on the screen of the Fitbit how close you are by filling in pieces of a flower.

It doesn’t always register the exercise that you do on machines at the gym other than the treadmill, but if you keep track of the stats, you can manually enter them and override whatever activity is in the time period. At least you still get credit for it.

One Rechargeable Battery

It also has a battery with a way better record than most of these rechargeable monitors. I still prefer a replaceable battery, but Fitbit One does report about 14 days of use on a charge. That’s way better than most that top out at 5 days, and 2 weeks is a reasonable amount of time before you lose a few hours of tracking to charge it. Also, if it’s not on worn at the time, it does let you manually change things while it’s charging.

One Problem

The biggest problem that I have seen with Fitbit One is that there is a problem where it adds steps while you’re driving or riding in the car. I drive almost 50 miles per day, and I could have a whole lot of unrealistic steps added throughout that time. As much as it would be nice to get exercise without doing the work, I’m not doing myself any favors by counting steps that I didn’t take. I would have to watch the steps before getting in the car and after to make sure that I wasn’t getting credit for work that I didn’t do.

One Size, Manageable Issues

The size is perfect for a lot of things, and the flexibility is second-to-none. Even though I worry about steps in the car, I think that’s a minor issue as long as I’m paying attention to the work I’m doing throughout the day. For people who walk throughout the day and don’t spend a lot of time on transport, though, Fitbit One is perfect.

If you want to give it a shot, head over to Amazon to pick it up and get tracking!

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