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Heart Rate Monitors

One of the most overlooked facts of exercise is that, even though most people know that under doing it doesn’t do much for your fitness, overdoing it is just as useless. While heart rate monitors will notify you when you’re overdoing your workout and therefore put yourself in danger, they’re actually designed to provide a much more subtle impact on your exercise.

This crop of heart rate monitors that has been hitting the market let you set zones that your heart rate should stay between – based on your body, health and exercise ability. Some will actually set them for you and tell you when to kick it up a notch or drop back down.

Heart rate monitors usually use a chest-mounted transmitter that shares information to a band or tracker. Some are able to work without the wrist-device, and others actually work without the transmitter. The reliability of the nontypical devices varies, but there are a range of them that are fantastic.

Below are some of my favorites.

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