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Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor Review
Most Flexible Tracker in Wearing and Workout Options

The Sleekest Misfit That I’ve Ever Seen

Though running is still my number one activity of choice, I try to vary my workouts because I get bored or I want the organization of a class. Sometimes, it’s just too crazy hot outside, and I need to do my body a favor and hit the pool for the day’s cool off. I still want to get credit for the fact that I’m working hard even if I’m not in a realm that is pedometer friendly.

So, I tried to find a fitness tracker that would support several kinds of activities without requiring different types of trackers.

Misfit SHINES In A Lot of Places

The Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor is designed to keep track of all different kinds of activity. It obviously gives you numbers on walking and running, but it can also keep track of energy expenditure and movement for swimming, tennis, biking, basketball and a ton of other sports. You don’t lose any of the value of having a fitness band by varying your activities. You’ll still get “points” for it that factor in to your daily total.

You’re getting credit where credit is due without being limited to the sidewalk.

Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor

Misfit Shine
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Physical Fitness For Lots Of Different Places

Most fitness trackers are limited in wearability. They can either be on a wrist or behind your ear or attached to a pocket, and you don’t usually get to shift them between. Wrist bands stay on the wrist. Clips stay on a pocket. There aren’t many trackers that can be used in more than one location. Shine, on the other hand, pops out of the wrist band and can go into a number of other holders like necklaces, other style wrist bands, clips and more.

Basically, you can find a number of different ways to wear Shine most comfortably for the exercise you’re doing. Certain placements are recommended for different activities, so it help you to keep track of what you’re doing by knowing with attachment to use. Beyond that, if you’re like me and have small wrists, I know that a necklace or clip will work for me. And to take it one step further, Shine is really pretty and sleek looking.

The Display Really Shines

The display on the Shine is also pretty useful without being obstrusive. It comes in colors like red, cobalt blue, black, orange, light blue and more. The ÒfaceÓ of it can be used as a watch by just tapping two times on the top. It will subtly light up like an analog clock. Another three taps let you see how close you are to the day’s goals.

Battery Life Is Its Shining Moment

Shine doesn’t have to be charged and can last up to 6 months on a single battery. Once it goes on your wrist or in another of the device’s interfaces, it can stay there literally for months. It’s water resistant and can go in the shower, and it can track swimming in the pool.

Where Shine Hits The Snooze

While Shine seems to be pretty on top of the features as far as tracking exercise is concerned, it doesn’t have the benefit of a lack of activity alarm that a lot of the trackers have. I lose track of time at my desk and won’t realize that it’s past lunchtime, and I’ve been sitting for hours. The alarm would be helpful, and not having one would be a drawback.

Also, Android users don’t report as valuable of an experience with the app as a lot of other platforms do. The options are limited as far as ability to update information or access information through the Android App. They Android app is clunky and difficult compared to its iPhone counterpart, so you may to see what the App is like for you before plunking down the cash.

The tapping also doesn’t seem to be as intuitive to some people. There are a lot of reports of people not quite getting the result they want from the tapping attempts, but that may be a learning curve issue.

Don’t Lose Your Shine

Additionally, some of the attachments that hold the actual tracker seem to be more likely to drop the tracker out without notice. You have to be careful about securing the tracker into the band or necklace and checking occasionally to make sure that it’s still there.

If Your Shine Goes Out

And, while in the best case scenario, the battery will last 6 months, there are people who have problems with the battery barely lasting to weeks. I can’t imagine having to get a new replaceable battery every two weeks. At that point, give me the charging cord that I’m not keen on using. The battery costs money every time, whereas I only need one cord.

For Some, This Misfit Shines. For Others, It’s Pretty Dim.

Misfit Shine is different from a lot of other trackers in that it is designed to examine all types of activity and give you credit for them. It doesn’t just look at walking and running. It has a lot of cool functions like that ability to move it on to different bands and clips so that you can find the most comfortable way to wear it. That being said, the fact that people are concerned about it getting lost easily makes me wonder if that advancement is really worth it. Sure, versatility is great, but versatility that is going to cause me to lose my $100 device might be better left on the drawing board.

If you want to give a try to the sleek, small and versatile options that Misfit Shine has to offer, wander on over to here to buy it on Amazon.

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