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Polar FT60 HRM Watch Review

Be Still My Polar Heart

My husband is not good at sticking to a workout routine because he gets bored with the process. Once he’s bored, there is no getting him back into the routine until he figures out something new to try. He starts new exercise programs, but before he has time to see the real results, he’s bored and wants to try something new.

He also has a history of mild chest pain, and his doctor has told him more than a few times that he has to keep his heart rate under control. He’s allowed to work out, but he should be keeping his beats per minute and blood pressure under a certain level. For someone who gets as bored as he does, that pretty much limits him to exercise machines that can watch his heart rate, and that is never going to last for him. We end up going in circles until he’s frustrated that he isn’t exercising but can’t figure out what to try safely.

FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Watch for Men

Polar FT60
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Polar Possibilities

The Polar FT 60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor could change all that. I found it while researching products that would work for medical situations like my husband’s while still making it possible for him to do something interesting. It was one of my first encounters with a smart fitness tracker like this, and it seems to fit all of the criterion. More than that, it’s super smart.

Beyond just keeping track of exercise, The Polar FT 60 puts together plans so you can get the most of your workout without going beyond the safe or recommended limits for your heart. It’s able to show when you’re at the top limit as well as when you’re under-doing it. It basically teaches you how to use your heart rate to your advantage. I didn’t know you could even do that, but it can give you all of the information you need to make sure you’re having the best workout for your skill level.

You learn something new every day!

Data Data Data

If you like to tinker (and I LOVE to tinker), then the information that you can get from the FT60 is pretty great. It’s not like the rest of the fitness bands that light up and (maybe) make sounds without any data aside from a clock. Instead, you can actually see the data about your workout right on your wrist and not wait until later to see it on a graph. The screen is super helpful if you want to know what’s left on your workout, and it gives you information to play with if you get bored.

Polar Personalized

This thing can get to know you better than your mother does. It logs your workouts and then uses that information to create tailor-made plans for your fitness routine. It’s like the fitness version of cutting your crusts of your sandwiches. It looks at what you have been capable in the past and makes goals based on that data, as well as about a thousand other things. I don’t know how anyone could dislike having that much of the thinking done for them with achievable goals laid out for the taking.

Once the activity is done, more data is available on the website. It’s a fitness information cornucopia. The website gives uses charts and graphs that show progress and gives concrete milestones to be proud of.

Of course, as with most activity trackers, you can also choose from several designs. They’re even available for women.

FT60 designs

Macho Monitoring

The heart rate monitor can show you when you’re working too hard as well as when you aren’t kicking your bum hard enough. Better yet, it can make a noise when you hit the danger zone either for the efficiency of the workout or your cardiac health. If overdoing it has been a problem, it will give you a zone and literally yell at you when you’re outside of it. I like the idea of accountability not only to staying in shape but also to making the best decisions.

FT60 Problems

It’s not all perfect though. For all of its good qualities, the sounds don’t always work the way they should. The band may be an acquired taste because there are a lot of people who don’t like to work out with a band that isn’t breathable. Sweat can get trapped underneath the band and cause irritation.

Still Probably a Polar Winner

Overall, I’m excited for what the Polar FT 60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor has to offer. It can help my husband solve all of his frustrations with working out while giving me the peace of mind of knowing that he isn’t going to have a heart attack when he pushes it too hard. Sometimes, we have to do the thinking for them.

If you’re as convinced as I am, the Polar FT60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor watch can be purchased at discount prices at Amazon. Just follow this link and you’ll be taken to a page with hundreds of customer reviews just like mine (or go here if you’re interested in the white watch)

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