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About Us

The fitness tracker and device market is like a giant conglomeration of a bunch of different niches. Each one represents some feature that die-hard enthusiasts HAVE TO HAVE while others say that it’s a waste. If nothing else, I’ve figured out that you have to come to your own conclusion because you may want something that no one else does. Rather than relying on someone else’s preferences and spending money on something you won’t use, think about what you want and decide if you can get it through that device.

If nothing else, as I was examining all of the different kinds of models and trackers, I figured that much out. I am no aficionado or workout professional. I just wanted some extra help with my day-to-day, and I wanted to be able to get it easily. The most expensive item on the list isn’t necessarily the best, and some of the really inexpensive ones rock some awesome features.

As you wander through these pages, you’ll see some of the pros and cons of the different devices and how they can help you specifically. I found that the best way to come up with an answer is to actually and honestly figure out what you’re using it for. If you would LOVE to run a marathon, but you’re probably going to top out at a 5k, there is nothing wrong with that. You may feel a little silly spending $250-$300 on a device that you don’t really need, though.

I hope that you find the information that you need by wandering through these pages. If nothing else, maybe it will clear up some of the conflicting information that you’re probably reading. There are plenty of more technical sites out there, but I just focus on what matters to regular people. If you’re a regular person, then you’ll do just fine here.

Happy tracking!

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